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One more day!

Whoohoo….hubby comes home in one more day!  He missed Christmas, but we kept a few presents back for the kids, and of course, he get his too! And I am not telling what he got until after he opens it….he might just read this blog and it would ruin the surprise!

I went and got a new haircut today…looks pretty good if I do say so myself…I’ll post a pic later on.  We are cleaning up the house and might go run an errand….or maybe I’ll just wait til tomorrow, I’m not sure yet…haha.  anyway, there isn’t much going on.  Just waiting until tomorrow!

I’ll try to be more diligent about posting the happenins’ here at the Carlton house…ttyl!


Slowing down.

Whew.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  It was a busy time for us and now we are finally slowing down.  Lots of presents, lots of  friends, and lots of food.  I haven’t completely fell off the wagon, but I know that I will have to do some extra work to take off the few pounds I put on!!  But, I am okay with that.  I expected it during the holidays and am glad that I didn’t let myself completely go!

Christmas morning was great.  The only thing missing was Daddy..but he’ll be home in three days!!  Anyway, the kids loved their stuff…so thanks to all of you who helped make their Christmas extra special!  Sylar really wasn’t into opening presents…he just wanted to eat the paper and tear off the bows!  The girls had a great time and really enjoyed all that they got!

We visited some friends houses on Christmas Day and had dinner at another place….it was a great affair with lots of food and lots of people.  Everyone really enjoyed themselves..AND I played a new game called “corn hole” .  Yep, you read it right!  It was a take on horseshoes…very fun!  I ate too much junk and drank soda, but we laughed and had great conversation.  By the time we got home, it was shower and bedtime for all of us….

So now, we are getting ready for New Years Eve…nothing too big but Daddy will be home.  We do a lot of finger foods….chips, dips, cheese balls, fruit and veggie trays, and shrimp…..and hopefully at least one of the kids will make it to midnight!!  HAHA!

well, I am going to go get a run in.  Hope you all are well and take care!


70 degrees?? In December???

Where do I live again?  Oh yeah….North Carolina.  sigh.  I miss the snow….but if I had been blogging a few years ago when we were snowed in under FEET of snow in Colorado, I would’ve said I wished I lived in a warmer climate.  I guess there’s no pleasing me….but really tho, I miss the snow at Christmas.  There is just something wrong with shorts weather in December, unless you are on vacation.

and I am not on vacation.

anyway, things are goin well, xmas shopping and shipping is done.  we are going to do a bit of baking this weekend.  and then it’s the countdown until Santa comes!

That’s it folks.  I”ll update as we get closer to the big day.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!  *at least in my mind*


Our visit to the orphanage

wow. this was such a great thing to do i can’t even begin to explain. It was raining cats and dogs on the way up there but we finally made it…and only five minutes late! we sat down in the cafeteria with our cottage friends, and the speaker began to introduce this years donors. He talked about a donor and said he wanted to read her first blog entry…and proceeded to read the one from Grace’s chip in page. He said he was amazed and honored to meet such a wonderful girl and called Grace up there…he gave her a shirt and some red marbles….she sat down, a little embarrassed! Anyway, we went ahead and had some dinner….turkey/gravy/potatoes/rolls/salad/green beans/corn and a drink. It was all very tasty….but Grace was so focused on giving the boys their presents that she couldnt quite sit still! After dinner, we went over to their cottage and had some dessert and talked for a bit. They were some very nice young men. We really enjoyed talking with them and seeing where they lived. Once Grace got started handing out the presents, oh my. it was just so wonderful. They were thrilled with them…they each got $275 in a gift card, a ps2 (with game and controllers and such) they got some extra seating for their table, a blender, and some individual presents that they had wished for. THey also got an extra $100 to hit the movies, $150 for more video games, and $125 to their fave restaurant–Red Robin! It was so great to see their faces…I think it was a toss up between getting the gift cards and gettin the ps2!

I am sorry to say that we cannot post pics online….safety rules for those kids…but we had such an enjoyable time. They played with some sillly string and every one of those boys will be cleaning today I am sure!

Thank you all who helped Grace achieve this goal. I truly hope that she remains such a generous soul. I truly believe that these last two years of giving have helped her realize not only how blessed we are, but that she can help change the lives of others!

Love to you all….


Tabby was right.

She told me the other day that when my hubby is home I suck at posting blogs.  But when he’s gone, I do alright!  He’s been gone for about a week now.  It’s pretty empty here without him…but we do alright.  We are wrapping up the shopping for Grace’s fundraiser….the Oxford Orphanage.  We ended up going over goal so we donated about $600 to our church to help with those who need it during the holidays.  We head over to the orphanage on Thursday night…getting pretty excited about that.

Tonight we are going to head over to Borders, they are having a kids Christmas night with activities, stories, sweets, and time for mommies to browse!!  *and score a cup of coffee that I won’t have to share*

I have all of my shopping done…well, most of it anyway.  Now i need to start getting the packages that need to be mailed ready to go so they will get to their destinations by Christmas.

I have some work to do, which is good, cause it’s paying for my hubby’s Christmas present…and no, honey, I am not telling anyone who reads this blog what your present is, so don’t go thinking you outsmarted me!!

I’ll try to post some pics of our event on Thurs so you all can see Grace’s hard work.

Take care!


i know i know

This will be short…but yes we are still alive….Thanksgiving went superbly and we are getting ready to send Daddy off for another hitch. I will write more and let all of you diligent readers what has been going on in the next few days.

love you!